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New Normal, New City international workshop

An online workshop has been launched entitled "New Normal, New City" with 4 participating universities. 

The aim of the workshop discusses the change of urban public space use mode under the influence of the epidemic and the problems of new urban social distance. Participating students can choose one of the four countries (China, Hungary, Indonesia, France) to explore the design of the project.

Participants from the Faculty include Dr. Gabriella MEDVEGY, Dr. Akos HUTTER, Dr. Agnes BORSOS, Dr. Janos GYERGYAK, Dr. Donat RETFALVI, Dr. Anna Mária TAMAS, Dr. Marta KRAMLI, Ojo David AYOOLUWA, Zhao TIANYU and Nicolas Ramos GONZALES. 

 For the schedule of the workshop and pictures, click here.