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Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions ideathlon 2020

Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions held an ideathon between November 13-15. The ideathon was an international idea competition for students who are willing to make the world a better place using their creative intelligence, innovative ideas, and novel solutions.

The aim was to provide solutions to the burning issues of a rapidly changing, post-pandemic world with the help of the participants, focusing on four distinct areas of life – Education, Healthcare, Social and Economy. They invited students from all over Europe to take a chance, participate remotely, and bring an innovative solution to help change the world for the better. A number of our students answered the call and took part in the challenge!

The event took place online, and the students began by brainstorming ideas, then they were able to create a concept, and were exposed to guidance and mentorship from seasoned experts. After a rigorous weekend they came up with brilliant ideas for our ever-changing world.

Faculty Members

Dr. Gabriella MEDVEGY

Dr. Agnes BORSOS

Dr. Balazs KOSA

David OJO, MSc.


Norbert BERTOK

Matthias CZIGANY

Bertalan HENTH



Krisztian TOTH

Zsofia VARGA

Student Participants and Project details

Project Name: COVID Furniture 

Student Name(s): Omar ALNAIR, Mohammad ALMARAYAT, Oguz Atakan GUL

Project Description: https://app.hackjunction.com/projects/future-build-an-ideathon-for-the-future/view/5faec71ac2cd420049313ade

Video link: Covid Furniture -  futuRE:build - an ideathon for the future

Project Name: Sleek Card

Student Name(s): Da Silva Bárbara Izabelli SZALMA, Fahad ALIYU, Kiki Devi SUSANTO, Grace Oluwaseyi OLUBOYO, Bappah Nasir DUKKU

Project Description: https://app.hackjunction.com/projects/future-build-an-ideathon-for-the-future/view/5faef1d3c2cd420049313af0

Video link: Sleek Card (Telekom Ideathon 2020) #healthcare

Project Name: COVID HACK

Student Name(s): Edit SOLTESZ, Dora SANTA

Project Description: https://app.hackjunction.com/projects/future-build-an-ideathon-for-the-future/view/5faefa0fc2cd420049313af3

Video link: COVID HACK - Telekom futuRE:build 2020

Project Name: Community Space

Student Name(s): Tarique KATUNTU

Project Description: https://app.hackjunction.com/projects/future-build-an-ideathon-for-the-future/view/5faf082e82c7dc004333fd52

Video link: Community Space. IT Telekom Ideathon