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1st International Scientific Conference Drives of vehicles,computer modeling of constructions and technological systems

Dear Colleagues, on behalf of the Organizing Committee, we warmly invite you to participate in the 1st International Scientific Conference "Vehicle Drives, computer modeling of structures and technological systems", which will be held on 23-25 September 2019 at the Forest Promotion Center in Muczne, Poland. The organized Conference has a multi-faceted character and will be an excellent forum for the exchange of information and promotion of participants' achievements.

Detailed information, application form and instructions for preparing print papers and claim forms are available: https://instytut-techniczny.pwsz-sanok.edu.pl/i-miedzynarodowa-konferencja-naukowa

Application and payment should be sent by 30/05/2019. Te deadline for submitting a summary (a summary in the volume to one A4 page) and the full article: until 01.06.2019.

At the same time, we are asking for the dissemination of information about the Conference among colleagues and people potentially interested in this Conference.

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